Any smaller and it would be for a child

Dear Laura,

The sunshine last week broke through the wintery clouds warming the city and giving me hope that spring had finally sprung. Unfortunately on the way home from work today, skipping with the joys of spring, hands in pockets because the temperature has plummeted, I finally gave up believing winter was over when the weather decided to announce itself by blowing snow flakes in my eye. Oh well back to the cosy blankets and the crochet hook...

I love your fabric, I was drooling slightly just looking at it. I have far too much and have to do my projects before I am allowed such luxuries of hunting down fabric again. Lately I have been good at this using things I have malarky. I opened up my wool stash and took a good look inside, hoping to use as much as possible for my blanket. As I was looking through I found a tank top I made a while ago.

Well as you can see, it needs a bit of a tidy up. I originally made it for work, but I am pretty sure if I wore that to work they would think that I was a crazy person especially as it is a little too small! 
In fact any smaller it would be for a child. Perhaps there is one out there I can neaten it up for.

Lots of love (and a very happy birthday)



  1. Annie, I'd love a top like that. Wish I could do all that fancy stuff! Happy Birthday Laura. May you both have a lovely day. xx

  2. Hi Annie, your knitting is so beautiful! I love the neck and the far isle pattern, very pretty! Love your blog, and love the way you talk to each other! Happy Birthday to Laura!


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