A Winter Coat

Dear Laura,

I have the lurgy so I haven't been able to finish my dress sewing this week. I will have to show it off to you next week. Instead I am going to tell you the story of a coat I made a long time ago. 
About 10 years ago I bought a coat for one shinny English pound from The Real McCoy (a lovely vintage clothes shop). It just happened to be far to big for me and far to short. Originally I think it was supposed to be ankle length. I wore it anyway because I lived in Scotland, was a student and needed to keep warm. 

After my student days I realised that I really shouldn't be wearing clothes that didn't fit at all anymore so I decided to alter it and so began a very very lengthy project. At first I pulled in the sides to make it less bulky, pulled the buttons to the side rather than down the middle and fiddled with the back to make it look more fitted. I took off the arms, and adjusted them to be more tight fitting at the top to give the coat a sleeker look. Finally I took the collar and messed around with it until I liked how it looked. 
I wore the coat like this for some time, but still I was not totally happy with it, the arms were still too short and the buttons were too military looking. When I moved to London I lived fairly close to Portobello market and there is a lady there who just sells the most wonderful buttons and too my joy I found just the ones that would be right on the coat. The very last touch on the coat was adding some red corduroy from a skirt I bought on sale in Glasgow to the sleeves to lengthen them to fit. 
For me this coat is a reminder of my life. I bought it in Devon, wore it throughout my undergraduate years, fixed it in Bristol, bought the buttons in London, fixed the sleeves on the Isle of Coll and relined it in Nottingham. Every part of the coat reminds me of a part of my life and now every time I wear it in DC it makes me feel at home.
I love the circle granny square you crocheted and I think I might now snuggle under a blanket and try that today.

Lots of love


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  1. What a well travelled coat, I love this story.


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