Tying in the ends

Dear Laura,
It has been snowing all week here in DC, I love the snow so much. Sometimes I wish I worked for the federal government as they get so many snow days. Even though I have to go to work I do enjoy the empty metro ride and the car free streets. As I was leaving work on Wednesday I saw my bus outside the door and ran to catch it, as I approached I saw that it had been completely abandoned no driver, no passengers, lights out, just stopped in the middle of the street. I love how this city operates when we get more than an inch of snow.

This week I decided to add a new colour to my blanket, not content with all the colours I already have I have put a mustard yellow in. I wanted to brighten it up a bit and also warm it up a bit, the white and blue make the blanket feel quite cold. I also tied the ends in on this square.

This was a brilliant piece of advice, it takes a little bit of time but to do them all at the end would be terrible. It also gives a sense of satisfaction especially when you lay them all out to see how they are looking. So before I crochet another stitch I am going to tidy up the squares I already have. One down eleven to go. 
Unfortunately this is going to have to wait, there will be no sewing, knitting or crocheting for me this weekend we are going to tackle the bathroom, yikes!

Lots of love


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  1. We don't get many snow days here in Belgium. But when we do, it's always too much. Traffic gets in a jam because nobody here is equipped to drive in snow. Trains come to a halt because railway switches are frozen, airplanes can't fly... Only children seem to be happy. And knitters : finally it's cold enough for those warm pullovers...


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