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Dear Readers,

Over a decade ago, when we first met, we shared a small room, in a small house, in a small town in Thailand. In the same town, in a larger house, lived B. He was, and is, a very dear friend to us both. B has recently moved in to a new flat with his lovely girlfriend S. When we were thinking about ideas for a joint sewing project to complete in our precious (and short) time together, a housewarming present for them seemed the ideal choice.

We gathered a pile of fabrics from our stashes, some buttons, bias binding, and embellishments. Our walk earlier in the day provided inspiration in the form of colourful Bristol terraces:

Every home, we thought, can always use another cushion, and so we came up with a design for an appliqued cushion cover, made from one of D's old shirts.

Templates were made...
  and laid in place...
 fabric was cut out...
 applique patches were hand sewn... and soon D's shirt had been transformed:

We cut and pinned the shirt, making use of the buttons as the fastening at the back of the cushion. Finally, it was time for some machine stitching:

and some final trimming.
The cushion pad was added, and our project was complete:
It seemed that B and S were pleased with their homemade present!

It was very interesting to see how our sewing techniques and ideas were different (Annie's creative ideas and short-cut techniques, Laura's insistence on pinning, trimming and neatness), and yet we complemented each other well. 
If you'd like to have a go at making your own cushion by re-purposing an old shirt, we'll be posting up a tutorial soon...

Love from,

Annie and Laura


  1. What a sweet gift and a fun idea- thanks for sharing this.

  2. wow....such a wonderful present! your friends must have been thrilled to bits.
    it's so lovely being taken through the whole creative journey, i really enjoyed the post.

    warmest hugs xxx



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