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Dear Annie,

This blog is no longer just a tale of two friends, two crafts and two cities; it's now a tale of two blankets, too!

There's been a strange synchronicity to our first foray into crochet. Almost simultaneously, we decided that we wanted to learn. We were independently inspired by this fabulous blanket  (made by Sue over at The Quince Tree) and each decided that we wanted to crochet our own granny square blanket. At this point, we decided to make it our joint new years resolution and we both set to work developing our skills. You helped me out with this tutorial and I inspired you to have a go at this pattern.
We both experimented with using white as a border. Like you, however, I decided that I would prefer to make a more randomly colourful blanket. 

This is not just my first ever crochet project, it is also my first ever project using acrylic yarn. I am usually rather a purist when it comes to yarn, preferring natural fibres. For this project, however, I decided to give acrylic a try. It was vastly cheaper, light, and most importantly, washable. I want to make a blanket that we can use, and that means a blanket that I can wash easily! The yarn that I am using also comes in a fabulous range of colours.
Using Sue's colour palette as a starting point (but adapting it to include purple, of course!), I ordered seven balls of Stylecraft Special DK ; six different colours and white.
Each square that I make uses three different colours, plus white. I've been surprised by just how much I have enjoyed experimenting with the different colour combinations. It's fascinating the way in which a colour can seem to change, depending on which colours are placed next to it.
My favourite colour combination to date is the red, yellow and purple squares:

Like you, I've found it seriously addictive! As you may be able to spot, though, I haven't yet woven in any of my ends. I've vowed to do so before I crochet another square, and hopefully I can do them as I go along from now on.  

I have been having a read of a tutorial by clever Lucy at Attic24  (who also inspired my choice of yarn). It shows how to join Granny Squares. I think, though, that before I join any, I will have to finish all my squares, lay them out, and experiment with the different combinations. 

It's such fun, playing with colour!

Love from,


  1. Hello Lovely Ladies!
    I must say, I feel like I'm butting into a conversation here and I hope thats OK!
    Just wanted to let you know that your blog is lovely and what an awesome and original way to express yourselves and enjoy your very special friendship!
    Your blankets are both gorgeous!
    Love Alice and Raymond

  2. Those granny squares are going to make a lovely blanket. It is really worth taking the time to block the squares before joining, it makes a huge difference.

    Thank you for the compliment about my blanket which is currently lying in a messy heap underneath my daughter's bed.

    Sue x

  3. Alice and Raymond, please butt in any time, we are quite the natterers and always happy to hear other voices.

    Sue, your inspiration was what started us off, thanks so much, I have a question though, what is blocking? I hear it a lot and it sounds important.

  4. Welcome to crochet world... I think you'll both enjoy it a lot, and will make great lovely and colorful blankets just for a first piece of many to come...

  5. Don't worry, Annie, I know how to block. Very useful skill for knitting, too. I'll show you how it's done before the blankets are finished! Laura x

  6. I can't wait to see the finished products. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. I absolutely love your colour combinations. However, you really must sew in the ends as you go, as it's a real PITA to sew in millions of them at the end. I've learned this the hard way, lol!

    I can't wait to see the final blankets.

  8. I'm really liking your squares! You've chosen lovely colours :)


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Annie and Laura x

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