The Party's Over

Dear Laura,

Christmas seemed to fly by so fast and now here I am back in the US back at work with a thin white blanket of snow covering the city. I have been unpacking slowly and slightly reluctantly but every now and again I take out something which was just so brilliant. My friends and family gave me some amazing presents this year and as I write this I am sipping coffee out of my new favourite mug.
I also got these two awesome bags
Unfortunately because my plane was delayed by a day I didn't get to go to loop, boo! The Kathleen and Lily's bag is a real reminder of my time in Nottingham. This is a lovely shop were they sell vintage clothes and all sorts of wonderful hand sewn things. It was always such a treat to go in there and enjoy all the handmade goodies. 

Our few days together really inspired me I really enjoyed how differently we approach our projects. I could use some of your more detail oriented approach in my everyday life. This is good because I seem to have managed to come back to DC with a stash of material.
and lots of other goodies
and a new button tin

Now I have no excuse not to do lots more sewing and hopefully manage to keep my new years crafty resolutions. I haven't forgotten about the granny squares either. I have been practicing and will give you an update in the next few days.

I feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family and it was extremely hard to leave them all this time. I will finish with a picture of a beautiful Mola piece which makes up part of the Kuna women's clothing (these are people who live on some islands off the coast of Columbia). It was a gift so this is the most I can say about it and that it is truly wonderful.
Lots of love


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