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Dear Laura,
For christmas, or well before christmas I got myself a new toy (as you know because you got one too).  It is wonderful although I am not 100% sure yet how to use it. It is a knitting turning winding thing. I am pretty sure that is the official name. I was all over confident when I bought my skeins of wool from the shop and when the lady asked if I would like it wound I said "no no I can do it at home". Turns out it isn't as easy as it looks. Luckily with every new purchase comes a project to make a bag to store it in. 
I used some of the fabric I brought back with me from my trip to the UK you can see it in this post
I am going to double it up as a bag to store my crochet squares in as well. I am also going to take the advice of Clairy who commented on your playing with colour post that we should start tying the ends in now otherwise we will be cursing ourselves later on. 
I do have one question about my wool spinner/winder. When I opened the box there was a piece I didn't know what to do with. It looked like a plastic handle, I just went to find it to take a picture to show you and it looks like I threw it away in a fit of tidiness, I hope it wasn't important. If anyone knows what it was or what I was supposed to do with it please let me know. I might be trawling ebay looking for a replacement. 
Lots of love



  1. I like the idea of a winder... I know what you say as it is more difficult than it looks... I like your bag and I loved your last picture with the colorful yarns!

  2. Thanks, I think I like the colours and the wool more than anything. I think I am slowly mastering the art of winding, they make it look so easy in the shops.

  3. very jealous of your swift! since i'm not currently allowed to buy yarn (self imposed yarn buying embargo) I have no need for a swift (my stash is all wound) but I can't wait to get one! and your crocheted squares are beautiful! the colors!!!!


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