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Dear Annie, 

Our crafting syncronicity  is beginning to get a little spooky! When I logged on to my computer on Wednesday to upload the photos for this post, I checked for your latest post. Now, this Christmas, we both treated ourselves to a yarn swift and ball winder (aka 'knitting turning winding thing'), so it's probably not surprising that, come January, we both decided to have a little try. But on the same day? Spooky, I tell you.

As you said, using these exciting pieces of equipment is trickier than it looks. In our house, we decided to work together. One of us is newly crawling, one a very lively almost-three year old, and one was trying to take copious photographs. What could possibly go wrong?!

If you look closely at the above picture, you can spot both of my able assistants (and maybe even notice that the yarn on the ball-winder is starting to tangle because S is turning it the wrong way...)

Despite occasionally having to rewind a little, this was a wonderfully therapeutic activity. The yarn swift may seem to resemble a brittle and malformed umbrella but it is strangely beautiful. As the ball winder turns, the yarn swift follows suit, and its gentle sound and movement are both compelling and mesmerising.  Even busy little S was entranced by it. There is some elementary magic involved in turning this...

into this...

A gorgeous ball of Cascade 220 ready to be cast on this weekend. It's destined to be a Ripley lace-edged hat. The perfect pattern for dipping my toe into the lacy water. 

I wonder what your newly-wound yarn is going to become?

Love from,


PS: I love your bag! And to think, my poor little swift will be getting so cold... Oh, and I think the plastic thing that you threw away is probably the handle to use if you want to hold the ball-winder in your hand. As long as you keep attaching it to the table, you won't need it. (Phew!)


  1. What a fun post!!! I didn't know there was a correct side to turn the winder, now it makes sense all my tangled balls!!
    I love your yarn and the pic of the skein in the little hands is SUPER cute!!

  2. I'm glad the plastic bit that was thrown away seems not to be too important! I have to say my friend and I seem to do things on the same day too, when neither knows what the other is doing. I think if you're really close to someone and 'in tune' the universe kinda takes over and somehow synchronises one's activities. I love the wool; gorgeous colour - can't wait to see the finished article. Have a great weekend, both of you. xx

  3. Just came across your blog. What a fabulous idea! And I love the wool winder. I've also just been winding cascade 220 wool, but not on a contraption like yours, so I improvised. See 'snow on snow' at www.noknittedknickers.blogspot.com.

  4. Ohhh! I wish you'd posted this blog last week. I was wrangling with a ball of Cascade 220 myself. It took me two hours to untie all the knots I made, but I was using the winder without the swift. I shall know better for next time!

    Take care of yourselves, Claire x


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