Dear Annie,

I just love a good Jumble Sale. It must be hereditary, because my Dad loves them too. My parents were visiting us this weekend, and when I discovered that there was a Jumble Sale at the local church on Saturday morning, it didn't take much persuading for Dad to come along. 

I'm glad he did, because he spotted this for me:

Such a pretty little jug, for only 50p! 

At Jumble Sales, I always head straight for the table with the fabrics and linens on - I've picked up some fantastic pieces of vintage fabric over the years. This time, however, the bric-a-brac table had the best finds.

I fell for this unusual painted bowl with its fairground design. We thought that it was perhaps 1950s, judging from the clothes.

I think this may have been a punch bowl, but I am planning on using it for trifles (mmmmmm!). All in all, a pleasing (and at £1.50 jolly cheap) little outing.

Like you, I've been busy sewing in my ends. I have fourteen squares all complete now, and ready to be blocked when the time comes. Now I just need to set about making the other sixty or so! I have been managing to supplement my evening craft time by crocheting a round here and there whilst the children are happily playing, so slowly but surely I'll get there.

Love from,


PS: Readers, look out for a very special post tomorrow. We have decided to try and make the first post of each month a guest post, showcasing the work of some of the talented crafters that we know. Tomorrow's post will be written by our lovely friend (and clever knitter) Sabrina, so do pop back then and have a read. L x



  1. I absolutely love your bowl. What a fabulous find! The jog and glass trifle dish are lovely too but the bowl is the best. And don't you just love a bargain!

  2. Lovely lovely finds - and so cheap! The jug looks art deco and the bowl is gorgeous. Am finding looking at other people's thrifted treasures almost as much fun as finding my own (give or take a bit of jealousy!)

    I like your blog too, fantastic way to stay connected.


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