the hat fits!

Dear Annie,

Finally! An Aviatrix that fits Baby R.

After my disastrously small version , I made sure that I did a gauge swatch before casting on, and it turned out that with this yarn, I actually needed to go up a needle size! 
Three lessons learned with this project:

1) Always do a gauge swatch
2) My children have very large heads (he's 8 months, and this is the 12 months size!)
3) It's uncommonly tricky to take a photo of a baby modelling his new hat...

Love from,



  1. hello Annie and Laura, I also got here through Raymond and Alice's blog ! I will follow you, all the way from Belgium. I really like the aviatrix, I have downloaded the pattern from Ravelry some time ago, but haven't had the time to knit it. Good luck with your blog and projects , greetz from Rozemie

  2. Hello Annie and Laura! I'm another one sent here by Alice! She mentioned me today and I have had lots of new visitors which is lovely. Laura, I'm glad for your sake your children are small enough not to complain when you tell the world about their big heads. I have had quite a bit of moaning from my grown up ones because I happened to mention how eNORmous their feet were when they were babies in my last post!
    Looking forwad to seeing what adventures you all get up to! Penny x (Planet Penny)

  3. Hello Ladies!
    Wow, that is one COOL HAT!
    I want one for me! I love the garter stripes on the back, very very cool!


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