Dear Laura,
Thanks for making me think again why I sew and knit, it definitely has a lot to do with the process itself. In fact the process of crocheting was the only thing that I have been able to do this week. As I wrote on Saturday I was completely knocked out with the flu for the long weekend and other than faffing about on the internet and watching TV there were few activities I could do sitting almost perfectly still and quiet. 

Luckily I thought about my blanket. Crocheting was excellent. It kept my mind occupied enough to not go completely insane and gave me little goals and accomplishments in days dominated by pajamas, sleeping and addictively switching on the next episode of Mad Men. 
I was a little disheartened because I didn't like the colours I had chosen or the pattern that much. But I loved the crochet square you showed me in your last update and I couldn't resist I decided that that was that, this is the blanket I am going to make. And it worked. I am crocheting happily, however, I have discovered that I am going to need more wool which means I can include even more colours. I have already raided my stash for wool similar to the stuff I am already using.
When I showed R my squares, all with a white boarder, his comment was rather strange, he said "I find the white boarder a little creepy". What he meant by that I haven't a clue, this did get me thinking though and I have decided, along with the fact my white was running out really quickly, that it is going to be multicoloured goodness all the way. I have also decided to lay off the Mad Men for a while. I think two series straight has addled my brain a little as I was expecting to see lots of very handsomely dressed men sipping whiskey at work today (not so it turns out). 
Lots of Love


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