the beginnings of things

Dear Annie,

There's something very uplifting about the beginnings of things. With all those crafty resolutions to work towards, it's not just the year that is starting here.

There is new knitting on my needles:

It's going to be an Aviatrix hat for baby R. He's already grown out of the pixie hat that I made him. I'm using the Rowan Lima yarn that I showed you in this post. I'd been planning to make it into a Milo, but it turned out to be the wrong weight for that. It's perfect for a hat, though, as it's incredibly soft. I've been learning a new skill for this pattern -short row shaping -using this video. I've been knitting and ripping over and over, but I think I've finally got the hang of it.

I'm incredibly excited about another new project that I'm starting: my first ever quilt! I've chosen a simple design, based on the 'Hammock' quilt from Jane Brocket's beautiful book. It's made up of a series of vertical strips of fabric in varying widths and I'm hoping that it will be sufficiently uncomplicated for this quilting novice. I took inspiration for the colour scheme from this quilt made by Soulemama. After much deliberation and browsing, I've ordered a selection of gorgeous red and white fabrics from eQuilter, and I'm now impatiently awaiting their arrival!

Finally, a crochet update. Well, my Granny Square Blanket is one thing that hasn't yet been begun. I've been trying out my crochet and teaching myself how to make Granny Squares, but progress is slow! So far, I've had three attempts, and it feels like each is more unsuccessful than the last! I'm struggling with tension, and also with knowing how many rounds of three double crochets to make on each round (between the corners). If there are any crochet experts out there who can help, I'd be very grateful!

It turns out that baby R has begun something in the new year, too; he's just started crawling! He's very pleased with himself, as it gives him newfound freedom to get his chubby little fingers into all sorts of places... including my crochet:

The baby ate my crochet...hmmm...is that the crafting equivalent of 'the dog ate my homework', do you think?
Love from,
Laura x


  1. such a sweet post. the quilting sounds promising, i will look forward to seeing that.

    wishing you a lovely week xxx


  2. Hello Annie and Laura!!!

    There's an award for you at my blog... please stop by and see it!

    xx, Shanti


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