All Fingers and Thumbs

Dear Laura,

My crocheting is coming along swimmingly, and by swimmingly I mean I have unpicked about 3 granny squares as I am under the illusion that patterns are for wimps. I have finally conceded and acknowledge that reading a pattern is easier than making it up. Luckily my Mum was there to offer help although at first her response was, I don't know how to crochet let alone read a crochet pattern. However her clever daughter knew that with all her knitting expertise a crochet pattern couldn't be that different.

What got me mighty confused was the stuff that they put in brackets. I thought this was optional, turns out this is not the case. Turns out in fact, that this is, as my mum put it, "like algebra". Well being a mathematician I should have been jumping up and down with joy but instead I argued this point until I realised that she was right. 

So this has meant that I have not only learnt how to chain, 
slip stitch
and double crochet, 
but I have completed a whole two granny squares.
There are some excellent instructions for granny squares and the stitches you need at meet me at mikes which I found too late. If I update you every week, it will help motivate me to keep going. At first I was all fingers and thumbs, and now I feel like I have a rhythm developing which is great. 

Hope your tension issues are sorting themselves out, I've had the same problem.

Lots of love 


p.s. Thanks very much to Shanti who gave us a lovely blog award. I know we at Nimble Fingers and Steady Eyebrows have both enjoyed reading your blog wires and yarns


  1. You have received an award. Please check out my blog.

  2. Thank you for reading my blog and enjoy it!! I enjoy yours a lot!


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