A Zillion Degrees Below Zero

Dear Laura,

I loved your choir of angels they were so cool! The temperature here has suddenly dropped to a zillion degrees below zero and we don't have any snow. One of the kitchen windows has also misplaced itself and wound up in the living room increasing the quantity of cold cold wind that passes through the house. This has however, helped with my christmas sewing. Now when I get home, I bundle myself up in the lovely hat you knitted me and the hand warmers I knitted myself and snuggle into the sofa and sew whilst I wait for the heating to kick in and warm me up.
The sewing is a christmas secret and will be revealed next week.

It was definitely warmer over thanksgiving and other than enjoying the fantastic scenery of cowboy country
I managed once again to obtain lots of sewing goodies. Some of which have been incorporated into my christmas sewing extravaganza but most are for the long list of things I want to do in my head. Hopefully a few of those projects will materialize over time.
Oil cloth bought in Taos
Lovely second hand books bought in Albuquerque

I'm looking forward to showing off some of my sewing to you next week. 

Lots of love



  1. Can't wait to see your secret sewing... I'm making a secret crochet blanket for my hubby and I hope I finish it in time for Christmas...

  2. I have learning to crochet on my new year resolution list. Your hubby is a lucky man.

  3. Was wondering if you could share the name of the second hand bookstore you visited- I'll be heading to Albuquerque in a few weeks and would love to hunt it down. Really enjoyed visiting your blog this evening.

  4. The bookstore was called Page One, it is on 11018 Montgomery NE. I am a little jealous of your visit to New Mexico, I really love it there. Hope you find the book store and have a lovely time.

  5. thanks for getting back with the info


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