Winter loves...and the winners are...

Dear Readers,

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveway, and particularly to all our new followers! We loved reading all of your comments and sharing your wintery pleasures.  Also, we appreciated the kind and encouraging remarks that several of you made about this little blog of ours. We're so enjoying writing it, and it's lovely to know that you're enjoying reading too.

We thought that having shared yours, we should tell you our own Winter loves...

Laura: For me, it has to be the handknits. I'm just loving having both my boys in hats that I've knitted:

 and I love having co-ordinated hand knits for myself:

Other current favourites are: rediscovering the delicious Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea; a grey and lemon yellow vintage knitted tea cosy; purple wellies with thick socks and of course, baking. Pear and Ginger Muffins and Annie's Mum's Apple Meringue are the treats of the moment!

Annie: For me, it is roaring fires, sitting all snuggly knitting or sewing, listening to the radio and watching the cold weather outside. Also mince pies, having moved to America most people look at me with disgust when I talk about my mince pie cravings. I imagine they think I am feasting on heavy meat pies, I have tried to explain but I think it really is a truly British thing. I finally found some today at a jaw dropping $8 a packet, luckily my eagle bargin eye spied a pile of smushed packets which had been reduced to a slightly more justifying $5.50, it was worth it.

We've used the old fashioned names-in-a-hat method to pick two winners for us. They are:

Jennifer (The best part of the winter is the snow!) - who has won the ipod cosy
and Kerry (The thing I like best about winter is that my husband starts making his wonderful fondues.)- who has won the vintage goodies.

Congratulations! Please send your addresses to annieandlaura@gmail.com and we'll pop them in the post to you. 

Love from,

Annie and Laura


  1. Thank you for share your thoughts and favorites with us!!! I like your blog...

  2. Oh btw... I can't find the button to follow you!

  3. Hi Shanti,
    Thanks very much, I'm really glad you like the blog. I've added a 'follow' button on the right-hand side to make it easy for you to follow us.
    Best wishes,
    Laura x

  4. Thank you Laura!!! I'm now following you!

  5. Hi there Laura. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Your knitting is stunning, what gorgeous hats and gloves you've made, and the angel cards in your previous post are so sweet. Sorry to have missed your giveaway!

    Kate x

  6. Hi Laura - lovely to meet you! What a sweet blog this is, I love the premise of you sharing with Annie so far away,

    Sarah x


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Annie and Laura x

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