A Winter Giveaway

Dear Readers,

Today is the first of December- for some, the start of Advent, for others the new season of Winter. This fledgling blog of ours recently received its five hundredth pageview. All exciting beginnings, and so we have decided to celebrate with our very first giveaway...

Each of us has provided a prize, so there will be one each for two lucky winners:


I will be giving away the handknit cosy for an ipod/itouch/iphone that I wrote about in this post.

Laura: I will be giving away some of my stash of vintage craft goodies:

 There is:
a vintage skein of Patons Beehive Fingering 2ply (all wool)
a vintage crochet hook
three cards of vintage buttons
a bundle of assorted fabric pieces 

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us something that you love about Winter. We'll be happy to post anywhere in the world, so wherever you are, do say hello.

Any 'followers' of the blog who leave a comment will be entered into the draw twice, so now's the time to start following, if you aren't already!

We will draw the two winners on the morning of Monday 6th December. Good luck! 

Love from,

Annie and Laura


  1. Hello! Saw your post on I love Lucy and was intrigued by the idea of steady eyebrows! I like your style of letters to each other. Something I love about winter; the looks on my kids faces when I snuggle them up in anything warm, fleecy blankets, pyjamas that have been on the radiator, extra quilts on the bed, that sort of thing! Wendy x

  2. My kids are already super excited about xmas. The minute the lights start going up they get excited. Having children has made xmas feel as exciting to me now as it was as a child so xmas is once again my fave part of winter :D

    Rav ID: kristyh1981

  3. Love the great giveaways!

    I love Winter! Seeing undisturbed snow on the ground when I first wake up, Peppermint Mochas, cozy knits, and singing decorations (so long as I can turn OFF the singing when I want to).
    Given, I no longer live in an area where I will see snow on the the ground, ever, I can still remember.

  4. I love that I can hibernate and knit most of the winter. I am also hoping for loads of snow this year. We had tons last year and work was even closed! Lovely giveaway...thanks. knitterofhats on Ravelry

  5. I love being able to wear all my knitted goods! Ohhh and snowboarding! It's a challenge but it is so excited when I have a good run! Thank you!

    (MissMelissaZ on Ravelry)

  6. looking out of the window and thinking it is warm and cosy in here....oo and ther goes another chocolate!


  7. Winter... Gosh, I love so much about it! I think my favorite part about it though, is reading by the fire with a giant mug of hot cocoa! :)

  8. Thank you for sharing your blog, I enjoyed reading it.
    I love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, they are my favorite thing about winter, as I don't like driving on snow covered roads at all.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Winter - cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and my crocheting. don't have the time in the summer to finish those projects.

    Barbara143 on Ravelry

  10. Hello...just saw your post on Ravelry. Nice blog so far...

  11. What I love about Winter is creating warmth things to wear and I especially love the awesome winter scenes with a blanket of snow

  12. My favourite part of winter is the first snowfall (which is right now). Charming blog, I'll be sticking around.

  13. I love looking at the holiday lights up in the neighborhood. It's so pretty against the snow.

  14. I love the silence snow brings. Nothing is better than a walk at night in fresh fallen snow, listening to the crunch under your feet and the utter silence of everything else.

  15. The best part of winter is the beauty of it when you are inside all comfy with a knit or crochet project and a furry buddy by your side!

  16. The best part of winter is the hot soups and hot chocolate when its cold.

  17. The best part of the winter is the snow!

  18. I saw your post at Lucy's group on Ravelry...
    What I love of winter is the free time that you can spend happily with your family and loved ones.

  19. My most favorite thing about winter is snuggling up with my son on a rainy day and sharing some hot chocolate and some cartoons :D Fantastic blog and thanks for the chance at a wonderful giveaway.

  20. The thing I like best about winter is that my husband starts making his wonderful fondues.

  21. first time visitor here, popped over from slugs on the refrigerator. The thing I like best is long snuggles in bed in the morning when our 2 girls come and join us....that, and hot chocolate with a blanket on the sofa watching something crafty!

  22. ooh advent giveaways. what a good idea! (also referred from slugs on the refrigerator)

    I love winter. I love the magic of snow, and how it makes home feel like so much more of a *safe place*. I love the rosey cheeks it gives us. I love the treats we all feel obliged to have!

  23. I don't love I'm in more pain then normal but \i love watching my pups run around with the horses and play happily with them from my warm car.
    and like now I live the snow we are currently getting!!!

  24. I love fireplaces in the winter!!! Its one way my parents bribe me to come home more often lol What can I say, I'm a Sagittarius with too much fire in her chart ;)

    Ravelry ID: Iesadora

  25. Ice skating!! Cross-country skiing is a close second.


Thank you so much for commenting, we love to hear what you have to say.
Annie and Laura x

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