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Dear Annie,

Oh, how I loved the vintage books that you found! I've been vintage book shopping too, although my find was a little less sophisticated! Here it is:

It's full of lovely ideas for activities with little ones. S was most pleased with it, and very clear about what he wanted to try first:

"I want to make the gingerbread house... can we make the gingerbread house?"

It seemed like a simple request for a boy whose mother is a keen baker. Sadly not! Despite following the recipe and consulting a good friend who makes one each year, we evidently did something not quite right. I suspect that the gingerbread was either too thin or underbaked, or possibly both!. 

The house stayed together for a matter of moments before it developed irrevocable faultlines..and then cracks...and then it collapsed!

Thank goodness, then, that I had read this lovely post by Nina from Tabiboo. As I gathered up the broken pieces of gingerbread, an idea began to form. Using the template from here, I cut the gingerbread into smaller pieces and reformed it.

Tiny gingerbread houses, iced and sprinkled by S. He went to his train-track box to borrow some trees, and lo and behold, a gingerbread village.

Small and rather imperfectly formed, but S loved them, pronouncing them "wonderful", and that was all that mattered.

Love from,


PS: I'd also like to add a thank you to Kathy from Postcards from the PP- I was lucky enough to win her giveaway and receive some lovely goodies.
Thank you Kathy, and a Happy Christmas to you! x


  1. They are beautiful and I love the glittered ones - my girls would love those - thank you for the inspiration in return.

    Nina xxx

  2. i saw Nina's too! these are so sweet as well!

    & lucky you with winning the give-away too,


  3. Thank you! They're slightly ramshackle because the gingerbread is meant to be cut before you bake it, not after, but they saved us from two-year old tears, so they did the job!
    Laura x

  4. What a wonderful idea and save from catastrophe. I love it!

  5. So glad you liked the giveaway!
    I think your gingerbread village is inspired! You'll have to make it every year now ... you've started a tradition!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. I once attempted to bring the wrong type of gingerbread house to a party...needless to say it ended up looking like a ruin by the time I got there...I love the little houses!

  7. Gingerbread is definitely trickier than it looks, eh?! Maybe you could take tiny houses to your next party, I bet they'd go down a storm. Laura x

  8. What lovely sweet houses, great idea.
    I'm so pleased you found my blog as it means I've found yours! Also thanks for the purchase in my folksy shop. Hope you like them, they will be posted 1st class today.


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