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Dear Annie,

Do you remember, back in this post, I told you about the Christmas gifts that I was knitting?

My, oh my, progress has been sloooow! It's pretty much the first time that I've had more than one knitting project on the go at once, and I've actually really enjoyed that- when I get bored of one, I can knit a few rows of another, and there's always a really simple mindless project for those times when I'm too tired to do anything other than switch off my brain and let my hands take over. However, this does mean that nothing ever seems to get finished, and with my (already very limited) knitting time curtailed by Christmas preparations and a whole family of poorly boys, I seem to have moved at a snails pace!

All of the projects have been in pairs, and at last I've finished one of each for the washcloths (pictured above) and the socks (pictured below). Nothing is blocked yet, but you get the idea (the links take you to my project page on Ravelry).

Even more excitingly, I've completed both of the fingerless gloves, although you'll have to take my word for it, as my hand model was otherwise occupied and I had to photograph and model them myself:

Now that I'm over halfway there I'm confident that I'll be finished in time, and so of course I'm busy preparing a long list of things to knit in all the free time I'm (optimistically) hoping to have over the Christmas holiday. More of that another day!

Here is one of the distractions which have been cutting into my knitting time... As soon as I saw this brilliant tutorial, I knew that I had to have a go at my own rag wreath.  

Some fabric from my stash- the red fabric was a well-loved old dress - and some garden wire. Some snipping and some knotting, and in not much more than an hour:

So sweet, so simple, so pretty, so inexpensive and now it can decorate our home every Christmas. I love it, and most of all, I love the fact that you can see it when you come and visit in less than a month. Yay!

Love from,

PS: Believe it or not, another week, another giveaway win! This time, a big thank you to Kat at the fab Slugs on the Refrigerator for the Ikea voucher. I've treated myself to some new Christmas decorations.Thanks Kat, and a Happy Christmas to you.


  1. Hi i have just come across your blog, and i have been really enjoying reading your posts. Your knitted items look great and your aprons look great too. I have a handmade wreath just like yours but its made up of white binbags like wise it looks fab x I shall call again x

  2. Hi Laura, Wow I love your wreath, it's so amazing to see something so lovely made using my little tutorial. I'm so glad you love it :0)
    Your Knitting is so lovely too , one day I will master 2 needles :0)
    Hope you have a Relaxing Christmas , thanks for linking.
    Jacquie x

  3. Gosh you've done so well- what lovely gifts! I did lots of knitted presies last year, but have been terrible this year and will be buying most presies as my house-move has totally thrown me out! Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog x

  4. Oh except i've just realised it was Annie that commented and got confused! Anyway, nice to meet you both! x

  5. No, it was me! Nice to meet you too! Laura x


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