The Great Thaw of 2010

Dear Laura,

What a week! Planes cancelled, snow all around, colds and my first ever white christmas all in the space of very few days. The mayhem that accompanies christmas has calmed down a bit now and luckily I have been home in Devon for most of the week enjoying lots of family time and the world of toddlers. Even though I am now used to snow in the winter it was very disorientating to see the rolling hills of devon covered in white powder as I was winding my way back home. The snow provided lots of fun for my two little nephews and we managed some sledge rides, a few snow balls and half a snow man.

The only down side being that illness spread its way around the family so fast that I have had very little time to work on my crocheting skills. Just before I left DC I bought some wool for my crochet blanket, with the hope that I would be able to both learn on my holiday and hopefully produce something to keep me going for the year ahead. The colours were difficult to choose, I like them but there was some muttering about the house when I asked others for their opinions.
With an unexpected extra day in DC I also had the chance to wrap my presents and whip up a quick knitting travel bag. When I was looking through my rather mountainous pile of material I noticed that, to my joy, I still had just enough flamingo material to use for this quick project.
And now my nephews and most of my family have gone as has all the snow, and the devon countryside is back to it warm, green, rainy self. I feel much more at home in this kind of weather. The fire is roaring and all is quiet. For the next few days  I can concentrate on my crochet whilst watching holiday movies and hopefully impress you with a granny square when I come to visit. Happy Christmas.

Lots of love


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