cosying down

Dear Annie,

In one of Little S's story books, there is a phrase that I rather like. A badger arrives at a winter party.

"I've brought honey nuts", Badger said with a grin. "Let's divvy them up, cosy down, and dig in." 

This week, I'm all about the cosying down, as we make the final preparations for Christmas. The Christmas cake has been iced, the florentines baked and the presents wrapped.

I've treated myself to some reading material:

I've still got a few bits and pieces of Christmas knitting to finish, but once that's done, I'm all ready for some leisurely holiday knitting.

This is destined to be yet another Milo for baby R.

 I'm also treasuring my loot from a wonderful first ever trip to Loop,
my first ever Wollmeise and a copy of Ysolda's new pattern book.
It was probably lucky that D, S and R came with me. Otherwise I would have been in danger of bankrupting us, there were so many wonderful treats in there. The boys were rewarded for their patience with an orange hot chocolate afterwards in The Breakfast Club Cafe. The only thing that marred our day was an Annie-shaped hole! If only your flight hadn't been delayed! 

Still, I am looking forward to seeing you at new year for catching up and all manner of stitching.

Until then, a very Happy Christmas to all,

Love from,



  1. Home now. Wish I could have been there with you. Looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

  2. Hooray! Have a lovely Christmas. See you very soon. L xxx

  3. This is not wholly on topic, but apparently you can convert your voice into a knitting pattern via this website


    Thought you might be interested! cx


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