Christmas Aprons

Dear Laura,

Christmas is approaching rapidly and this weekend I had a lovely christmassy time at a friends house. Good food was cooked, delicious wine was drunk and gifts were given! I love gifts, receiving them and giving them especially if it is something that I have made. Now sometimes, I am the first to admit, my creations might not be quite good enough to actually give as a gift, young S's jumper of course springs to mind, however, I am pretty proud of these. This was the secret sewing I mentioned in this post.
Surprisingly the inspiration for these came from R. Normally one to nod politely or rapidly change the subject when I talk about my sewing he took an active interest in these. This time he sat down and told me what he wanted me to sew on to aprons. I drew some designs which were heavily scrutinized for the precise look of the dump truck and the crane and finally the two aprons were approved. 

I asked if I should make an apron for Oliver's mum too but was told it was a father and son thing, so I attempted instead to use the oil cloth I bought in New Mexico to make a wash bag. This was less successful but I gave it to her anyway with some lovely goodies inside to make up for the rather poor quality sewing. I am working on improving the design as the zip is really hard to put in.
Gifts were exchanged before the food extravaganza commenced and so the apron was put to immediate use to cook the coq au vin, which was utterly delicious. Ryan and R are very very good cooks.
Oliver however was slightly unsure about the apron and so it was hung up ready for use when he next went to his kitchen.
The bag the gifts came in however, was a resounding success and provided at least an hour of entertainment before it was totally destroyed.
Lots of love 


P.S. Those gingerbread houses were awesome! Why do I live so far away...


  1. oh, your aprons are so cute. Love how you arranged the letters. So creative.

  2. The wash bag is gorgeous, I'm sure with the items inside it would have been appreciated.

    CJ xx


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