Dear Laura,

The phrase "bored to tears" was really illustrated to me yesterday. Not caught up on my Christmas sewing nor my Christmas shopping for the first time I found myself in a toy store on arguably the busiest day of shopping ever in the history of the world. Resisting the urge to grab toys from the arms of stressed parents whilst elbowing everyone else out of the way. I finally made my way to one of many long check out queues of the day. With children all around desperate for the presents in their parents trolleys that weren't for them there was plenty of frustration. The poor boy behind me was just so clearly bored and his mum was making a valiant effort at keeping him entertained but eventually he expressed just how I felt and burst into tears at the thought of having to wait in this queue any longer.

Luckily all the shopping has been completed hoorah! and now I can spend today looking out of the window at the pretty snow (only a small snow dump just enough to feel Christmassy) and finish my sewing. 

Here is what I have so far:

One and a half wash bags
Two miscellaneous bags
and one apron with some oven gloves which have gone wrong (mending required)
oh plus one ipod/phone case for my friend Liz who lost her last one 

A couple more bags and bits to make but nothing to technical or difficult. I am very excited about Christmas and hoping that the snow stops falling in the UK to let me make my flight back home. 

One final thought I was reading a couple of blogs on crochet and I came across this beautiful crochet blanket on The Quince Tree. I want to try and make something like it. I thought that we could learn to crochet together. Maybe as a new year resolution? On Meetmeatmikes they had the brilliant idea of making one a week, which seems do-able! So, over Christmas I thought we could learn and then if you were doing it too it would help me keep on track.

Lots of Love



  1. Annie! Please please please DO learn to crochet! It will change your life. It is THAT great. It is hard in the beginning, but don't give up, because it's just like riding a bike or driving a car... all of a sudden it all makes sense and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! I hope you are having cosy times! It is Summertime in Melbourne! xx Pip

  2. I wish it was summer here. I have bought the wool so now I have to learn. I am very excited. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I agree with Pip! Crochet it's amazing and quicker than knitting... you can find awsome tutorials on Youtube


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