Dear Laura,

I have celebrated thanksgiving for over a decade but only in recent years have I joined the masses of people filling buses, trains, cars and planes to swarm across the USA to spend a relaxing weekend with family and friends. Like you we had a flurry of snow and I woke to find my first snowy scene of the winter.
With a hive of activity in the kitchen and the idea that too many cooks spoil the broth I went to hide in the living room. I attempted to watch the Macy's parade, however, I was bombarded with adverts for black Friday, a day when throngs of people stampede shops at 5am, or so I am lead to believe. This was too much for me and left at a loose end I suddenly realised that I had time for some knitting! I went to investigate what I had brought with me, to find only two balls of wool. One was the wool I bought last week but I realised that I hadn't wound it so that was out. The only thing left was the black merino wool I had brought with me to mend my hand warmers. I considered what to make and noticed my itouch case which I made a while ago.
Just as I was about to begin I was called for lunch. A luscious feast where we are encouraged to eat as much as possible.
Full of turkey, corn pudding, sweet potato and marshmallows, cranberry sauce, and green beans I was ready to do nothing but knitting. Below is my glutinous and slothful creation (the button is not yet sewn on as I don't have a needle with me, that will have to wait).

And so in the tradition of thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks for R's family welcoming me warmly into their home and for my friends and family who always bring me so much joy and happiness.


Lots of love 


  1. Love the flamingo fabric under the flap!

    One can never have enough gadget cozies.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time! Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog worsted-knitt.net today :)


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