Summer Dress

Dear Laura,

I very much like the idea of a dancing hat, and shall now dance in the hat you made me whenever I wear it. Fall is hitting DC now with low temperatures and startling leaves. The one thing that DC gives us in the fall is bright bright sunshine which is just beautiful on these shortening days. I have just been reintroduced to the rubix cube and so my sewing has taken a back seat whilst I obsess over solving it. Therefore this post is about a dress I made a while ago, it is my favourite sewing project ever! It doubles up nicely as a dress for the autumn and winter too (over jeans and with a big jumper).

The summer version (taken on the isles of scilly, hence the overcast sky)

The winter version (taken on the isle of skye although it was still summer, August I believe)

I love this dress, and have worn it endlessly since I made it, often mending it as I wear it out. Originally it was an idea for my sisters wedding, but wasn't smart enough. There is an underdress which allows the outer fabric to flow more.

Lots of Love Annie

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