figgy pudding

Dear Annie,

Thank goodness you are safe and sound!

I just loved your beautiful wool! It made my fingers positively itch to be knitting. With several presents still to be knitted, there's certainly plenty  to be done.

There have been other festive preparations here too. It was 'Stir Up Sunday' this weekend, and for the first time, three generations of us were together to make the Christmas pudding.
There was squeezing and zesting...

crumbling and mixing...

whisking and measuring.

Everyone stirred and made a wish, from the youngest to the eldest,

and soon the bowl had been enthusiastically cleaned and the puddings were ready and waiting for their initial steaming.

I also managed to beg, borrow and steal enough quiet moments to sneak up to the loft and complete the sewing project for baby R that I mentioned in my last post. Here it is:

 Did you guess what it was going to be?

I'd been planning something with appliqu├ęd patches, but in the end I decided to let the stripes speak for themselves, and just added my treasured French ribbon. (I'm not sure if you can see it, but the yellow ribbon is patterned with a schoolhouse design like those used in schoolhouse quilts.)  

Not the most elegant shaped stocking, perhaps, but ready to be filled with toys and treats. 

The red stocking with the stars is the one that I made for S when he was a baby. 

I'd forgotten how soothing I find the whirr of the sewing machine and the rhythm of the needle. Hopefully I will be able to steal another hour or so soon to bring it out for another outing. 

Love from

Laura x

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  1. What a lovely post. You're very creative and extremely talented.

    CJ xx


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