A dancing hat

Dear Annie,

Now that Autumn has really arrived, the weather has become rather chillly of late. S has grown out of last year's woollies and I realised that I had a little boy with a cold head. Thankfully, I also had a basket of leftover yarn. A striped beanie hat in autumnal colours was quickly knitted up. Not quickly enough for S, who must have asked me twenty times if I had finished yet. He had an inaugural outing planned for his hat- a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum for a friend's birthday, with a gaggle of toddlers and their families.

Having knitted on straight needles, finishing was the awkward part. I'm not the neatest seam-sewer at the best of times, and- in a desperate bid to have the hat ready in time- I ended up sewing it together in the car on the way to Westonbirt. Luckily, small boys don't examine their knitwear closely, and as I turned to hand the (wonkily!) finished article to S in the backseat his face lit up into a beaming smile.

The trees at the arboretum were at their glorious, luminous best. There was good company for all of us, bright sunshine, and yet another apple cake to be munched.

 Some of us avoided the muddy puddles...
 ...and some of us didn't!

After a day of frenetic activity, the hat eventually became redundant and was discarded,

but it was not forgotten. The next day, S and I were listening to one of his jauntier CDs. As he so often does, he broke into a spontaneous little dance... and then he suddenly stopped:

"Wait, Mama, I need my hat!"
"Your hat, darling?"
"Yes, the hat that you made me. My dancing hat!" 

Surely knitted headwear can be given no higher accolade! Well, not by my two year old, at any rate.

Love from,

PS: Details of the hat are here on Ravelry

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