Bruised Knees

Dear Laura,

My week was rather a dramatic one, due to being knocked off my bicycle by a car. This meant that my mode of transport has shifted to Metro, bus, or just plain foot. This had rather a pleasant outcome on Thursday. On my way home from work I walked through the Fresh Farm Market by the White House. This is always filled with sizzling meat, bountiful autumnal produce and beautiful blooming flowers.

Thursday was clearly my lucky day because there was a stall there I had never seen before, it was full of wool. I have a bit of a habit when it comes to wool and fabric, in that if I see some I will end up buying a lot. The wool was lovely, all home spun and home dyed. The two ladies at the stall were really friendly and helped me delve around in their "scraps" box for these bits and bobs I ended up with.

I couldn't help thinking of you as I was spinning around the wool enjoying the colours and the feel and potential of it all. The ladies run their own business and their website is www.solitudewool.com

I bought the flowers there as well, not only do I find it hard to resist wool, I also find it hard to resist fresh flowers (locally grown of course). I am not quite sure what I will make yet, but I need a thanksgiving project and knitting is much easier to transport than sewing. The colour choice was inspired by the bruises on my knees.

Lots of love


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