Bike Pannier Sucess

Dear Laura,

You might remember that a while ago, when I started riding my bike to work again, I was in need of some panniers. Unfortunately, most panniers are very practical and cost lots of money so I thought I should make some, however,  I wasn't terribly inspired, I was after something pretty. Well one day I was walking down M street and a lovely pair of panniers went whooshing past me attached to a bike attached to the front of a bus. I took a mental note and decided to design my own. I have had them for about a year now and they are super. Often I get compliments as I am riding to work from other cyclists at traffic lights which is very pleasing.

I put a picture of them up on my BurdaStyle page and to my surprise people actually commented and asked how to make them. The pattern is now up and one person has made a pair inspired by it. Not only that but other Laura showed them to her mum and she has also now made an awesome pair out of coffee sacks. A picture is below and more pictures of my panniers and Lauras mums can be seen by clicking on the picture.

And so I am feeling particularly pleased with myself for inspiring two people into making my panniers. 

Lots of love


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