a dose of colour at the Kaffe Fassett exhibition

Dear Annie,

Ever since my lovely mum-in-law taught me to knit a decade ago, I have been aware of the work of the textile designer, Kaffe Fassett. I studied books of his exuberant knitwear, and when I had a foray into quilting, she bought me my own copy of Quilt Road.In a magazine,a few years ago, I saw photographs of his home, which is the definitive riot of colour.

When my friend Lou suggested a trip to his latest exhibition at the wonderful American Museum in Bath, I was delighted. It was everything that I could have hoped it to be. Lamp posts, signs and railings had been spectacularly yarn-bombed with knitted stripes and granny squares in his signature vibrant colours. The tall tree outside the exhibition space was hung with hundreds of cheerful pom poms and with fabric lanterns (flower pots covered with Kaffe Fassett fabric and a layer of PVA, or something similar). 

Inside, we were immersed in colour and pattern, with Kaffe's glorious designs and prints decorating the rainbow painted walls, and even the floors. There was knitwear, needlepoint and quilt after quilt of heart-stopping loveliness. I carried the baby in the sling and he blinked and stared around him, unaccustomed to such bright beauty.

It was uplifting and inspiring in equal measured, and I left with a heart full of colour and a head full of plans to finish my poor forgotten quilt.

love from,



A Messenger Bag

Dear Laura,

A little while ago you sent me a tweet directing me to the Hilary Country Craft Competition. Well this as you knew was right up my street. They not only want you to design an original project but also send you one of the four materials in their collection to chose from. Brilliant! I have been feeling a little uninspired recently so this was a great opportunity to do some proper sewing, there is nothing like a deadline to get your creative juices flowing. I chose the peacock fabric not really thinking what I would make, I just loved the birds. When it came in the mail I was still a little stumped. But then I thought it would make an excellent messenger bag/bike pannier, the fabric was tough and bright. I love bags and the choice, especially for bike panniers tends to be dull and practical. This was perfect.

I worked hard and quickly, I had a weekend to complete the project. I even cut out some pattern pieces. Well I say pattern pieces what I mean of course is I tried to cut some greaseproof paper up to the right size but got a couple of pieces wrong and managed to improvise my way out of it! I didn't manage to attach the three small velcro straps to the back of the bag to fix it to my bike, I will do that when I am back from my work trip. I did line the bag and put a couple of pockets into the top to put keys, wallet and phone in too stop them getting lost at the bottom. The bag is split into two sections, one to hold a laptop and the other for miscellaneous items. Finally I put an extra pocket on the back, there were two reasons for this. The first was for it to be easy to put an iPad or note book or novel in there for quick access and the other was because that way the fabric pattern remained the right way up on both sides of the bag.

I have a few pieces of fabric left to make the attachments for the bike rack but otherwise I used every piece of the 1m x 1m square. I really enjoyed making this bag. It was surprisingly satisfying and I am looking forward to using it at the conference I will be at next week!


Lots of love



baby socks

Dear Annie,

I finished the baby socks! What is even more remarkable, is that I cast them off whilst the baby's feet are small enough to wear them. Although they are
not, it seems, still enough to be easily photographed.

Still, I am in love with these little socks, and I am in love with sock knitting! I think that a pair for myself may have to be next up on the needles. 

love from,


PS: Details, as ever, are on Ravelry.

PPS: Lovely Emma of Silverpebble, who made my gorgeous teapot necklace, is having a giveaway for a gorgeous cornflower necklace. As you know, cornflowers were in my wedding bouquet, so I am quietly dreaming of winning it, but you should definitely pop over and enter too!
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